Atelier to the Bone

Recognizing value, practicing transformation

Explore Everything

Explorers celebrate change and they’re boosted by curiosity.
Every creative process starts with recognizing existing values
surrounding our everyday lives, biased as little as possible.
True explorers experience pure joy when finding yet undiscovered value.

Take Care

Society has pressing questions to solve.
We know by now that our future depends on reaching a sufficient amount of people
that work and live with the bigger picture always present.
We embrace our responsibility and aim to design what matters.

Empower to the People

Designers are capable to connect conceptual thinking to sustainable spatial solutions,
but like everyone else: they don’t foresee the future.
Creating the most appealing future depends on collaboration that includes all shareholders of a project.
It makes the process key. We shape and facilitate it.


True innovation resonates.
When something new is capable of challenging the status quo,
it might change the way we all work and change the way we all think.
No matter how big it is in first instance.


Creation pushes the human race forward, since you never know where your innovation might end up.
Creation might lead to ecstacy, but for sure is a catalyst in every process we start.


Sharing ideas is necessary to face the challenges of today’s world together.
But above all: sharing is fun.
The energy and ideas you get in return are always bigger than the given.
And because everyone expects a button, here it is:

And Celebrate

Often, achievements are a result of being in a flow,
building on collective energy, great people and sharing joy, laughter and drinks.
Achievements start with celebration. Preferably life itself.